Shaashawn is engaging poetry, bass filled spoken word music, a hot poet, intense poetry slam, womanist, writer femme word massager, clever personalized poetry by the most high Spirit, the voyce.

VOYCEMAIL is the debut spoken word CD from Shaashawn “The Voyce” Dial. A performance poet since the Spring of 1999, she is no stranger to massing words, gracing the stage or blessing the microphone. Pregnant with this project for years, Shaashawn is excited to finally birth the beginning of her poetic legacy. Her original poems date from the late 90’s when she moved from Missouri to Pennsylvania to the present day. Her poetic stylings range in topic from love, sex, friendship, abuse survival, to living in a post 9.11 world and more. VOYCEMAIL is a journey into one day of Shaashawn’s life as she checks her voicemails on her 33rd born day, hence, receiveing electronic affection from friends and family while she reflects upon her varied life experiences. VOYCEMAIL is a mix of Shaashawn’s poetic creations and the music of Jeff “J-Lin” Lindsay.

"Thank you for the reminder and the inspiration. I needed this from you, whose life's blood is strong enough to transfuse, to infuse and to resurrect. I had forgotten this (poetry) and why I loved it so much. I had forgotten poetic me and the passion of purpose in progress. No one quite understands that when the poet is silent, the poet is dying. So poet to poet, with tear filled eyes and a grateful heart, I thank you."

- J. Love Kearse (Poet, Singer, Creator Love Chronicles CD)

"I'm really enjoying VOYCEMAIL!!! You are truly gifted, thank you for sharing that gift with us... It lifts my spirits everytime I listen to it..:-) I wish you great success Queen.. Everyone please get your copy of VOYCEMAIL ASAP!! It will give your spirit great joy...:-)"

-Sean J. Dailey

"Your words were addicting to every lobe, and the cd is a new habit to my ears! Thank you for sharing your talent."

-Maritza Melendez

"Every now and then comes along a special person with extraordinary poetic talent and that person is Shaashawn "the Voyce" Dial. Her CD "Voyce Mail" is her labor of love. From the opening track to the end, this CD is a passionate portrayal of Shaashawn's intimate journey to self. She pours her whole heart and soul into this project with amazing clarity which results in a CD that is powerful, smart, rich, bold and insightful. Shaashawn is telling “HerStory.” We love "Voyce Mail" and you will too! Each time we listen we hear a deeper nuance and layering of feelings and images and it feels amazing!"

-Mary and Galen Allen, GaMaJa Productions








Aquired Taste of Love

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December 2, 2014: Host, P.E.P Party III, An exchange of business cards and ideas. Everyone has a little PEP in them! 7pm- 9pm, @ LGBT Center of Central PA, 1306 N 3rd St, Harrisburg, PA 17102 FREE ADMISSION Directions

December 5, 2014: Double Book Release: Two poetry books: Aquired Taste of Love & Estrogen in the Atmosphere. Join us for a night of Spiced filled poetry guaranteed to please your palate!Event start time is 8pm at Crawdaddy's Restaurant and Lounge, 1500 N 6th St Ste 105, Harrisburg, PA 17102. FREE ADMISSION Directions




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